Benefits of Membership

Market Analysis
Watch Lists

Each weekend we will send you a master watch list for the week with the top names that we will keep on watch for the week.  Each morning, you will receive a watch list from both of our founders with 5 to 10 names to watch for day trades or swing trade entries.  You will have no shortage of actionable trade ideas as a member of The Traders Path.

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You will have access to multiple live lessons each week, where we teach anything from stock market basics to advanced day and swing trading strategies.  You will also have access to our Charting College series which teaches you basic to advanced charting skills.  Whether you are a beginner or experienced trader, we will help you to develop the skills you need to find your own Traders Path.  

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Pre Market Chat

So many traders and services believe that you just show up at 9:29 each day and start trading.  At The The Traders Path we know that the early bird gets the profits.  That's why our members get over an hour of pre market analysis and watch list review each and every morning starting at 8 AM Eastern.  We go through what to expect from the market and our favorite setups for the day to have you best prepared for success each day

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Live Market Chat and Screen Share

In The Traders Path live chat room and screen share, you get to see what charts we are looking at all day long.  We will walk through trades that we took and trades that we didn't to help you understand each setup.  We will answer all your questions live on mic and review charts for you to help you learn each day and find your own path to success.