About The Traders Path Founders Part 1

Updated: Jun 30, 2019

The Traders Path was founded by Peter Hegedus and Justin Essary. Peter and Justin both have extensive experience in investing and trading and both have a passion for helping others learn how to trade. Today's post will focus on Peter, and we will follow up shortly with more about Justin.

Peter started investing over 20 years ago and became a very active trader in 2014. He spent 2 years as a moderator and trader in a large chat room focused on trading biotech stocks, but he is truly a technical trader who trades all kinds of stocks and multiple setups. Peter is a big believer in key moving indicators as well as the TTM Squeeze indicator. He has a few simple patterns that he likes to trade over and over, and he likes to swing trade as well as day trade. Peter is a big believer in stacking up small, consistent wins vs. swinging for the fences, and this has served him and those who have learned from him very well. Peter is also a true student of the market who gives our members daily guidance on what to expect from the overall market every morning, and he believes that each day's approach needs to be adjusted based on market conditions.

Peter's approach to teaching is a calm, patient one, and many find that he has a great way of taking more complex concepts and breaking them down into simple, easy to understand lessons. Outside of trading, he loves to spend time with his family. You may also find Peter tweeting about food, wine, skiing, or his favorite English Premier league team, Liverpool, on any given day, but mostly he likes to tweet out great chart setups that are just a fraction of the ideas he presents to our members. If you want to learn more check out our monthly or annual subscription plans.

Peter with his wife in the beautiful Rioja wine region.

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