Market Update February 12th

Good Morning,

This week has been quite the ride with some really nice profitable trades for us on both the alerted swing trade side of things as well as day trades in the chat room; however, the market has been quite choppy as we sit on all time high resistance with some nasty intraday chop. This coming Monday is a holiday with the market closed, and taking that into consideration along with the recent chop on the market, I will not be putting out a swing trade watch list today. There are still some valid setups from the weekly watch list and this week's daily watch lists, but keep in mind if you are trading options that you will also have an extra day of decay with the long weekend. I will be scanning for an overnight swing trade later this afternoon as those have been working very well in the current market conditions, and if I find something compelling I will alert is as usual. Enjoy the long weekend!

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