Market Update June 11th

Good Morning,

For those of you who are in the full service and who come to premarket chat, you know that I always say that the market sometimes doesn't care about news or geopolitical concerns, until all of the sudden it does. Today is a perfect example of that. There has been second wave concerns for Covid 19 and signs that its happening in certain states for over a week now, and the market did not care at all...until today. With this very large gap down, I am not going to put out a watch list, but I do have a plan. My main focus today will be to look for trends, and specifically I am interested to see if virus and stay at home plays get some attention. If so, I will probably focus on some of the stay at home plays off of the weekly watch list for potential entries. I may also look to add to AZN. which had a strong day yesterday and would actually benefit from virus concerns as they have a leading vaccine candidate. Hopefully everyone has been listening to our thoughts on keeping position size small and is not getting hurt in this sudden pullback.

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