Peter's Daily Update December 9th

Good Morning,

For today I will be focusing on the weekly watch list that was sent our yesterday. If you have not subscribed to this yet, please be sure to subscribe to the weekly watch list. This week's list can be found here So far in the premarket, we are looking at a flat to slightly down open, but that could certainly change in the next 2.5 hours. Regardless of how we open, I will be patient at the open to let things settle in before making any trades. A couple key spots to watch on the SPY will be 314.11 which is the top of the gap from Thursday into Friday and 315.48 which is the all time high. Keep in mind that we have the FOMC rate decision and presser on Wed at 2 PM and we have a tariff deadline on Dec 15th. The FOMC certainly has the potential to move markets, and any news regarding US China trade with this December 15th deadline looming could also have a big impact on the market. Last but not least I will be keeping an eye on the VIX today which is up about 5% here in the premarket.

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