Peter's Daily Watch List December 13th

Good Morning,

Its's Friday the 13th and we have a trade deal or do we? Yesterday the market rallied to all time highs on news that the US will agree to a deal with China and eliminate the December 15th tariffs and possibly rollback some of the existing tariffs. Although I tend to think this is all true, it it worth noting that there has been no comment or confirmation on this from China. It's been radio silence from them. As I type here at 7:20 AM Eastern time, it looks like all the major indices will gap up and that the VIX will continue to ease. Hopefully by Monday we can put some of this trade volatility behind us at least for a little while. Here are some names that I will be watching today:

LK was a name we day traded in the room yesterday and what a move it gave. I like this to continue over $32 for a move to all time highs in the $33s

DAN is in a nice cup and handle type pattern with a strong volume move yesterday. I like this over $19 for a move up to $20

ADPT was on watch yesterday and unfortunately I missed my entry, but I still like it for continuation today. I will be looking to enter on a $32 break for a move to $33 or higher

ERI is another nice cup and handle pattern that is starting a TTM Squeeze. I like this over $55 for a move to $56 or higher

NYT is a beat up stock that is recovering. It made a high volume move over its sma200 yesterday. I like this over 33.38 for a move to $34 or higher

PAAS is a silver name that i will be watching if we get any negative news today on the US China trade deal. I like this over 21.32 for a push up towards $22

BB is a beat up name that is starting to recover in a TTM Squeeze. I like this over 5.73 for a test of $6 and possible move higher

ABBV is in a TTM Squeeze on the daily and just regained its sma20 in a very large cup and handle type pattern. I like this over $89 for a $90 test and possible move higher

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