Peter's Daily Watch List December 3rd

Good Morning,

We finally saw a bit of selling pressure on the market yesterday with a decent sized red candle that took us below the ema8 on most of the major indices. Very early this morning President Trump said it might be best to wait until after the 2020 election to make a trade deal, which is putting the market under some additional pressure early in the premarket. If this pressure continues into the regular session, the big spot to watch will be the sma20 on the daily for the SPY and the other major indices. It is also worth noting that the VIX had a pretty good bounce yesterday and looks ready to potentially continue this morning. Having said all of this, we know that these days a lot can change before the 9:30 open, so I will keep a very open mind. Here are some names that I will be watching today:

SRRA is a biotech that is presenting data at ASH on Saturday. It made a strong, high volume move yesterday, and I will be looking for continuation over yestedray's high of .53 for a possible move to the high .50s

ISEE is another biotech that is in a very nice flag pattern. I like this over $4 for a test of the recent highs in the mid $4s

PBYI is a beat up biotech stock that used to trade much higher and reminds me a bit of CLVS. This would be a day trade only as they have some 4th quarter catalysts. I like this over 10.90 for a move to the mid $11s or higher

PGNY is a recent IPO that has shown a lot of strength. I like this over $29 for a move to $30 or higher

SFM is in a nice TTM Squeeze on the daily and is trying to take out its sma200 after a failed attempt a few weeks ago. I like this over 20.19 for a move to the mid to high $20s

SSRM is a gold name that is one of many in the sector showing signs of life. I like this over $16 for a move to the mid $16s

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