Peter's Daily Watch List January 17th

Good Morning,

Welcome to January opex day! As a reminder to all, opex days are always a bit more difficult to trade than an ordinary day. This is especially true of large caps with lots of open options interest in the afternoon, so please manage your risk accordingly. I will be focusing on mostly small and mid cap names today with a few exceptions. The market continues to just keep grinding higher, reinforcing what I have been saying about keeping an open mind here. This morning we are gapping up again, although at the moment it;s a relatively modest gap up. Again the key for me here is to keep an open mind and take some shots, but to limit my risk through either number of trades at once or position size. Here are some names that I will be watching today:

MRSN will be for day trade only since they have Phase 2 data due in the 1st half of 2020. I like this over 7.69 for a push up to $8 or higher after its strong, high volume move yesterday.

SENS is another name that made a strong, high volume move yesterday. I like this over yesterday's high of 1.07 for a test of 1.10 and possible push up to 1.20

STMP made a strong push off its sma20 and sma50 yesterday on heavy volume with lots of call sweeps. I liek this for continuation on a break of 92.50 with no candle resistance until 97.50

FSLY broke through its sma100 yesterday and has a double top around 24.50 I like it over that level for a push up to $26 or higher

INFN had a perfect retract to its sma20 and nice bounce there on heavy volume. I like this over 8.25 for a push up towards $9

REZI gapped down in October and had been working its way back up into the gap in an orderly fashion. I like this over 12.38 for a push up to the 12.60 area that gets it back into the gap where it could move much higher

LEVI is in a very nice TTM Squeeze on the daily and reclaimed its sma20 yesterday in a cup and handle pattern. I like this over 19.72 for a test of $20 and possible move higher

SFIX fits the bill of recent beat up names with high short interest short squeezing like BYND and others. It recently regained its sma200 and is testing its sma20. I like this over 25.40 for a test of $26 and possible push much higher

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