Peter's Daily Watch List September 9th

Good Morning,

It appears that we are looking at yet another gap up day for the markets; however, it is interesting to note that the VIX is also gapping up a bit this morning. This gap up is putting us right back near all time highs and in the case of the SPY near that big $300 level. Overall it remains a time to be patient and really only take trades in A+ setups. Today I will be mostly focused on the weekly watch list and reversal names, but I will also be watching a just a fee more names:

LULU was an earnings winner on Friday, and I don't usually play these the next day, but with recent earnings winners just going and going, this seems to fit the profile of one that could run if it breaks over Friday's high of 204.44

SMSI is in a nice flag with TTM Squeeze on the daily. I like this over 6.70 for a test of Friday's high and possible flag breakout.

AAWW in in a reversal pattern and I like this over 27.71 for a move up to $29 or higher if that ema8 can come up through the sma20

PRU is very similar to AAWW where I'm looking for a clean 3/8/20 cross and would like to get this around 82.60 for a move to $84 or higher

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