Peter's Watch List December 10th

Good Morning,

Yesterday the market gave us a slight pullback and we saw a bit of a spike in the VIX. Early in the premarket this morning we are seeing the major indices all gapping down as I type at 6:20 AM, and the VIX is gapping up. We remain in a tricky spot where we have all time highs not very far above and some gaps not very far below. Add to this the FOMC and the looming Dec 15th tariff deadline, and we are probably looking at some volatile conditions this week. I will continue my patient approach with a focus on shorter time frame trades. Here are some names that i will be watching today:

SEEL made a strong move on high volume yesterday and took out its sma100. I like this for continuation on a break of yesterday's high of 1.45 for a move up into the gap above starting at 1.65

EROS had a nice move up off its sm20 on high volume today and looks ready to potentially continue. I like this over 3.11 for a move up into the mid $3s

AERI is a biotech that took out its sma50 today and stalled at the sma100 on the daily. I like this over yesterday's high of 21.25 for a move further up into the gap above

KOD is a bit of a wild one, but it had positive news a week ago and looks ready to possibly test the recent highs. I like this over $69 for a move up to yesterday's high of 70.78 and possibly higher

ATRA made a nice break up today in a TTM Squeeze on the daily and stalled at the $15 level. I like this over $15 for a move up to the mid to high $15s

LOW gapped up on earnings on 11/20 and has since closed the gap and looks ready to perhaps move back up towards the earnings day highs. I like this over 118.25 for a push up towards $120 or higher

KR is in a long flag pattern and got a nice bounce off of its sma20 in a TTM Squeeze on the daily. I like this over 28 for a test of recent highs and break up to $29

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