Peter's Watch List December 12th

Good Morning,

Well we finally have the FOMC behind us, and the focus for the rest of the week is on US China trade and any new that may come out regarding the December 15th tariffs. Sources are saying that the President is scheduled to meet with his trade team today, and we need to be prepared for a decision that could come at any time. For me this doesn't mean risk completely off, but it does mean keeping my risk pretty light. This morning we are looking at a flattish to slightly green open for the major indices at the moment, but as we know a lot can change between now and the open. We do have jobless claims numbers coming out at 8:30 that could impact the market as well. Here are some names that I will be watching today:

TRN made a strong move on high volume yesterday and looks ready to potentially move higher. I like this over yesterday's high of 22.67 for a test of $23 and possible move into the mid $23s

ADPT is a relatively recent issue that just took out its sma20 and sma50 in a TTM Squeeze. I like this over 30.62 for a test of $31 and move into the mid to high $31s

PAAS is one of many precious metals names that came up on my scans last night. I like this over 20.75 for a test of $21 and possible move into the low to mid $21s

KLAC is a semiconductor name that wasn't as strong as some of the other semi names yesterday, but moved over its sma20 and may want to continue and follow the other semis to highs. I like this over 167.43 for a move into the gap above

PGTI is a beat up name that is starting to reverse in a TTM Squeeze. I like this over 14.66 for a push up to $15

KBH is one of many home builders that came up on my scans yesterday. It's in a nice pattern where it pulled off off highs and is now heading back up in a TTM Squeeze. I like this over 35.76 for a test of $36 and possible push to those recent highs