Peter's Watch List December 20th

Good Morning,

Welcome to Quad Witching Day! Today is one of a few days a year where we have a number of options and futures contracts all expire on the same day, and it generally leads to choppy, difficult trading conditions. On top of that, we have a rebalance of the S&P indices today as well as a rebalance of the Nasdaq. Overall, this will make for some wild moves and difficult conditions today. My plan will be to look for some day trades early and otherwise probably sit back and just watch the craziness in the afternoon. Here are some names that I will be watching today:

ENDP has been caught up in all the opioid lawsuits and is finally getting a bit of recovery. It tested its sma200 a couple weeks ago and pulled back and is trying to get over it again now in a TTM Squeeze. I like this over 5.15 for a push up to the mid to high $5s

REPH made a nice high volume move off of its sma20 and is setting up a nice double top. I like this over 18.20 for a move into the high $18s

SBLK is a shipper, which I generally don't like, but the sector is strong recently and this is a more reputable one. I like this over 11.59 for a push up to $12 or higher

FNKO is from the weekly watch list and it has made a nice move already but looks ready for continuation. I like this from $16 to 16.13 for entry for a move up into the mid to high $16s

PING is a recent issue that is showing some strength after am initial selloff. I like this over 23.50 for a test of yesterday's high and possible push to the all time high around 24.25

ANGI is in a very long rounding pattern and is trying to break out of a flag. I like this over 8.58 for a push up to $

SHAK was on my list yesterday and moved too quick out of the gate, but I still like this for continuation over $62 for a test of yesterday's high and possible push to $64

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