Peter's Watch List February 11th

Good Morning,

The market continues to show a lot of resilience in the face of some potential headwinds, and this remains a time for me not to be bearish but to be a bit cautious as far as how much overnight risk I want on. It is also worth noting that Fed Chair Powell will be on Capitol Hill today testifying before the House and back tomorrow in front of the Senate. The market will likely be listening very carefully for any clues about plans for a rate cut year or a lack of one. Overall I will continue to look for opportunities to both the long and the short side, but I will continue to keep my position size small in these market conditions. Here are some names that I will be watching today:

ZEN is starting a TTM Squeeze on the daily and getting some nice volume support at its sma20. I like this over yesterday's high of 89.42 for a push up to $91 or higher

OKTA has just been riding its sma20 up for months now and looks ready for a bigger breakout. I like this over 135.90 for a push up to the $140 area

WPM is a name I will turn to if the market starts to fade the gap up today. I saw a ton of silver and gold names in my scans for today, which is very interesting considering the market is making new all time highs. I like this on a soft open and then move back up through $29 for a 29.50 test and possible move to $30 or higher

CG made a recent high and is now consolidating on its sma20. I like this over yesterday's high of 33.56 for a push back to the recent highs around $35

ETSY cam really close to filling a gap its been working on for a while and pulled back to its sma20 I like this off of that sma20 up to yesterday;s high of 50.47 for a push up to fill that gap around $52

EIX is one of many utility names that came up on my scans yesterday, and it is in a nice TTM Squeeze on the daily. I like this on a soft open and move back through 78 for a r/g move and possible push up to the $80 area

IHS is another name that has just been riding its sma20 up strong. Ideally I'd like to see a soft open here and pick this up off the sma20 on a move through the 80.50 area for a potential breakout and push up towards $83 to $84

CLVS made a nice pop over its sma200 last week and not surprisingly pulled off of that very difficult level to get through. I like this ob a soft open and then r/g move for another potential test of the sma200 and then run into earnings on 2/24

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