Peter's Watch List February 12th

Good Morning,

Another day and another gap up opening. These are some crazy market that we are in where we have every reason to pull back but just keep grinding higher. In these times it is important to keep an open mind to both continuation or pullback and keep your position size small. We have another day of testimony today from Jay Powell at 10 AM - this time in front of the Senate committee, and every time he speaks is a potential market moving event. We also still have corona virus news to worry about, and keep in mind the important thing there is not the virus itself but how long will this situation impact the Chinese consumer and the China supply chain. Overall, it just remains a time to be a little bit cautious and take trades in smaller position size. Here are some names that I will be watching today:

NEO pulled off of recent highs with the market and is settign up for a 3/8/20 cross back up. I like this over 33.66 for a push up towards $35

CLVS is a name that I have been watching for a while here and it is building a lot of energy in a long TTM Squeeze. I like this over $10 for a push up towards $11

SWAV made a nice pop yesterday and faded a bit. I like this for continuation today as it heads into earnings tomorrow after the close. I like this over 46.25 for a test of $47 and possible push higher

CAG is in a long flag pattern in a TTM Squeeze on the daily, and it is setting up for a 3/8.20 cross up. I like this over 32.85 for a push up towards $34 or higher

AEP is one of many utility names that showed up on my scans for today. This is pulling off of recent highs and its sma20 has caught up. I like this on a soft open and move back up through $102 for a move up to the recent highs around $105

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