Peter's Watch List February 14th

Good Morning,

After a brief one day break from the market gapping up we are right back to - you guessed it - another gap up day for the markets. The market remains incredibly resilient here, and we will continue with our steady approach of taking shots but keeping position size small as we are constantly on all time high resistance here. At the moment the SPY looks like its going to open right at yesterday's high which is also the all time high. I will be very patient to see how the open gets digested before looking for any new trades. It is also worth noting that Monday the market is closed, which gives us 3 days of corona virus news to digest ahead of our next trading day after today, which means I will be extremely selective about taking new swing trades today. Here are some names that I will be watching today:

CHWY is setting up for a 3/8/20 cross and is starting a TTM Squeeze on the daily. I like this over $29 for a test of $30 and possible push higher

ETSY has been in a nice long rounded recovery since making a double bottom in December and is in a nice TTM Squeeze. I like this over $53 for a push up to the sma200 around $55

AEP is one of many utility names that have been coming up on my scans this week. It pulled off of the recent highs and held the sma20 perfectly. I like this over 103.18 for a push up to $105 or higher or I would also be interested in a pullback to the sma20 or ema8 and then enter on a move back up through 102.50

TWTR had great earnings last week and gapped up and pushed higher before retracing. It has now regained the sma200 and looks ready to push back up towards the recent highs

HOME was on watch yesterday and had a bit of a resting day and still looks ready for a push up into the gap over 6.60 with range to the mid $7s

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