Peter's Watch List February 18th

Good Morning,

Last Friday I mentioned that I was not likely to take on any new positions ahead of a long weekend with 3 days of potential corona virus news, and sure enough we got some big corona virus news yesterday in the form of AAPL lowering guidance due to corona virus. We are looking at a gap down open as I type here at around 8 AM Eastern, but all things considered it's not that big of a gap down. I will be very patient at the open to see if the recent trend of buying the dip holds up or if we see some more weakness on this news. I will also be watching AAPL closely to see if it holds the low from its recent gap down day last Monday at 313.65 My main focus today will be on the free weekly watch list, but I will also be watching the following names:

ACMR is in a tight pennant and riding its sma20 in a TTM Squeeze on the daily. I would like to see the TTM momentum bar go yellow and look to buy this off of the sma20 and move back up through 38.50 for a test of $40 and possible push higher

FB gapped down on earnings in late January and is trying to now regain its sma20 with a nice gap above. I like this on a move over 215 for a push up into the gap and a possible $220 move

ETSY made a nice move up off of its sma20 last week and looks ready to push up towards its sma200 as it heads into earnings on February 26th Ideally I like this on a soft open and pullback an hold of the $52 area and push back up through 52.30 to 52.50 for a move to $55

FTCH is in a very nice TTM Squeeze with a nice gap above as well as well as some toom to the sma200. I like this on a soft open and then move up through 12.50 for a push to the sma200 around 13.75

TWTR had a nice gap up and go on earnings recently and retraced to its ema8 and is now rounding back up and trying to regain and pull up and away from its sma200. I liek this on a soft open and back test of the sma200 and then look for entry between 36.60 to 36.91 for a push back towards the earning day high around $40

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