Peter's Watch List February 20th

Good Morning,

The market made new all time highs again yesterday before fading a bit in the late afternoon, and so far this morning we are looking at a moderate gap down open. The trend recently is for dips to get bought, so we will be watching closely today to see if that continues or not today. So far in the premarket we are holding the higher of the two SPY dark pool levels that I mentioned in yesterday's email which is 337.67 That is a spot that I will watch closely if it gets tested this morning after the open. It will also be important to watch the jobless claims numbers that will be released at 8:30 Eastern this morning to see if they move the market up or down significantly. Overall I will continue my approach of taking some shots in small size as the market is on all time high resistance with room for a bigger pullback if the daily ema8 doesn't hold. Here are some names that I am watching today:

ABEO was rejected at its sma200 in December and is now trying to break out over it again. I like this over yesterday's high of 4.18 for a push up to the mid to high $4s

PLG is in a bit of a sloppy flag pattern but with a very nice TTM Squeeze on the daily. I like this over 2.50 for a push up towards $3

TLRY is setting up for a 3/8/20 cross on the daily and fits the recent trend of highly shorted names running lately. I like this ideally on a soft open and then red to green move over 18.51 for a push up to the $20 area

ADPT has been in a long term bottoming pattern and looks ready for a push up if biotechs continue to show some strength. I like this over 33.69 for a push up to $35 or higher

GRUB filled a gap last month and tested its sma200 and pulled back and is now rounding back up. I like this on a soft open and then a red to green move for a push up to retest the sma200 around $58

VSTM is a very beat up biotech that is finally showing some recovery the last few months. I like this over 2.16 for a move up to the mid to high $2s or i would also be interested in a pull back and hold of the $2 level

INTC gapped up on earnings last month and has since retraced to its sma20 and pushed up off of it yesterday. I like this from 67.11 to 67.20 for a move up to the earnings highs near $70

PTON is a name that I'm still interested in to the short side as its showing no strength when other heavily shorted names are running. I would want a move up to around its ema8 for entry and have an alert set for myself at 27.75

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