Peter's Watch List January 16th

Good Morning,

It appears that most of the major indices will again make new all time highs today. It is very important that we keep an open mind up here. There are many signs that a pullback might be coming, but there is no point in guessing when this happens. We could absolutely keep grinding higher. What's important for me is to keep noting that the overall trend is up right now, and that the possibility of a pullback is simply a reason to manage risk accordingly and not a reason to get short the market at this point. Here are some names that i will be watching today:

MNK is a beat up opioid maker that had a strong, high volume move yesterday. I like this over 4.75 for a test of $5 and possible push to the mid $5s

TUP is another beat up name that made a strong, high volume move yesterday in a TTM Squeeze. I like this over 9.38 for a push towards $10

CLVS gapped up on positive news yesterday but hit resistance at the sma200 and sold off. I think this may want to take another run at the sma200 soon, and I like this over $10 for a test of the sma200 around $11

NUS gapped down in November and looks ready to move higher up into that gap in a TTM Squeeze. I like this over $42 for a push up to $43 or higher

CVS was on watch for me yesterday and ran out of the gate without giving me the entry I wanted. I like thus for continuation over yesterday's high of 75.62 for a move towards $77

WB is a name I've been keeping an eye on all week for a potential swing. It held its ema8 yesterday in a pullback and looks like it may test it again this morning. If buyers come in there, I like this over $50 for a test of $51 and possible break up to 52.50 or higher

I is a name that I'm interested in for a swing trade off of support. It closed roughly on its sma20 yesterday and I want to see it push up off of that today. I'm looking to enter on a move over the 7.20 to 7.25 area for a push up to the $8 area

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