Peter's Watch List January 22nd

Good Morning,

It's another new day and another new all time high here in the premarket. So far the market continues to be extremely resilient, and every dip is getting bought. We will continue with our approach that the dip will continue to get bought until it doesn't, which means we will keep taking shots on long trades. This means we will continue to look for long opportunities on dips and pullbacks and take them in smaller size, so that we don't get hurt if and when the dip doesn't get bought. I will also continue to keep a close eye on the VIX daily and weekly throughout this week to see if it gives us any clues about any upcoming volatility. Here are some names that I will be watching today:

ROKU is starting to perk up again after a bit of a choppy patch. Anchored volume by price is starting to form a base here for a potential run up into earnings next month. I like this over 137.50 for a move to 40 or higher

LYFT pulled back and found a nice base on its anchored volume by price and is moving back up. I like this over 48.50 up to yesterday's high of 48.77 for a move up and test of $50

CHWY had a nice run that started in the 2nd half of December into last week and then pulled back a bit. It is holding its sma20 very nicely and looks ready for a potential continuation after a little rest. I like this over 30.20 for a move up to $31 or higher

TWTR is right off of our weekly watch list, and it is looking ready to go today. I like this on a break of 34.39 for a push up to $35 or higher into that nice gap above

TXRH has so much to like here. Long consolidation after earnings gap up in a positive TTM Squeeze, a 3/8/20 cross up, lots of upside room, and sma20 along with anchored volume by price providing what looks like solid support on any pullbacks. I like this over 58.44 for a push up to $60 or higher

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