Peter's Watch List January 29th

Good Morning,

The market is certainly getting some recovery yesterday and now today in the premarket. BA and AAPL are both up after earnings reports, and this could be just what the doctor ordered for the market if it holds up. We still have the threat of corona virus news coming out of China causing intraday pulls or something more, and we need to manage risk accordingly. I will be watching the daily ema8 very closely on the SPY today and will also keep a close eye on the VIX into the close. Last but not least it is important to note that we have the FOMC rate decision and press conference today, which has the potential to move the market in either direction. Here are some names that I will be watching today:

ENPH pulled back with the market and perfectly held its sma20 and pushed up nicely off of it yesterday. I like this over 32.34 for a test of last week's highs and possible push up towards $35

CRNC has a beautiful cup and handle pattern and got some great volume off of the sma20 yesterday. I like this over 23.60 for push up to $25

CAG is in a beautiful flag after an earning beat last month. I like this over 33.50 for a push up towards the post earnings highs around $35

DDOG pulled back yesterday and had another nice push up off of the sma20. I like this over 42.25 for a push up towards the recent highs of $44

ROKU continues to push towards the apex of a descending wedge and is looking ready for a bigger move here heading into earnings in the middle of next month. I like this over $130 for a push up to $135 or higher. If I take this trade I would likely do it in very small size as this can bounce around a lot.

PRTY has a nice 50/100/200 moving average stack and struggled with some resistance at $3 as it was moving towards a large gap above. I like this on a soft open and then move back up through 2.85 I would also consider a strong volume break of $3 for entry as well with a target around 3.30 to 3.50

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