Peter's Watch List January 30th

Good Morning,

The market is under pressure again from corona virus fears and weakness in Asian markets overnight. I will likely remain pretty quiet today until we either see this dip start to get bought or a 3/8/20 cross down on the SPY. I will also be watching the VIX very closely today to see where it closes. The big spot to watch to the upside on the VIX for me will be Monday's high around $19. If we close above that, we may be in for some more volatility in the coming days. Here are a few names that I will be watching today:

GORO is a gold name that I would be interested in if the market struggles to find support today. I like this over 5.50 for push up to $6

FSLY has shown a bit of relative strength in the market weakness this week and has held its sma20 nicely on a pullback. I like this over 24.45 for a test of $25 and push up to $26 or higher

CSX is off of our weekly watch list. It pulled the gap above yesterday and then pulled back as typically happens after a gap fill. I like this for continuation on a move back over 77.50 to head back to the gap fill area and possibly higher

CAG was on watch yesterday and wasn't able to do much in the weak market, but I like how it really didn't pull very much all things considered. I like this over 33.50 for a push up towards $35 or higher

PRTY is a name that I have been watching for a few days. Ideally this gives a soft open with the market and then pushes up through the 2.80 to 2.85 area for a test of $3 and then push into the gap above starting around 3.30

SDC is in a very nice cup and handle pattern and looking ready for a break higher. I like this on a soft open and test of 13.50 and then move back up. I will look for a 13.60 entry for a move up to $15

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