Peter's Watch List March 10th

Good Morning,

We had quite the down day on the market yesterday, and now we are seeing a pretty big bounce in the premarket that is setting us up for a large gap up open. We are also seeing the VIX down quite a bit from yesterday, but it is still in the mid to high 40s which is a very elevated level for the VIX. I ran some scans for today and didn't turn up a lot, but I did find a few interesting setups. The challenge is that the gap up on the market is so big that most of these setups are also gapping up to a higher price level than I want to pay. So here's the plan: I am going to focus mainly on day trading reversal setups, but I will also be watching CGEN, TWOU, GO, and GSX. With these names, I will need to let the open settle in and see how the market behaves and how the names behave to see if there is a make sense entry. I can't stress enough that we are still in a very elevated VIX environment, and in this environment we need to be extremely patient in waiting for the best setups.

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