Peter's Watch List March 3rd

Good Morning,

The SPY is all over the place in the pre market, but is now pulling quite a bit after the G7 meeting convened with no specific action plan for rate cuts. I can't stress enough that a an easy V bottom recovery is very rare and that the VIX is still extremely elevated. Until we see significant easing in the VIX it is still a time for me to be very cautious and take shots both long and short in very small size. The market right now reminds me a lot of February 2018 and if it continues that way we are likely to see some big moves up and down before finding a bottom. Here are a few names that I will be watching today:

GILD is a likely candidate for a corona virus treatment that has been trading choppy, but ultimately I think this goes back to highs. I like this today on a move back over $74 which was a resistance area yesterday for a test of yesterday's highs and possible push to recent highs around $79

SERV is in a nice reversal pattern and is working on moving up and away from its sma50. I like this over $38 for a push up to $40 or higher

ENPH has been showing a lot of strength in a weak market and just pulled back to and held its sma20. I like this over 52.50 for a push up to $57 or higher

TW is another name that just pulled back to and held its sma20 whcih shows a lot of relative strength in this weak market. I like this from $50 to 50.50 for a push up to recent highs near $53

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