Peter's Watch List November 12th

Good Morning,

As discussed in our weekly watch list email over the weekend, the market was quite resilient last week. This morning we are seeing a bit of a pullback in the premarket after we had more concerns about the trade deal over the weekend and some weakness in Asian markets today. As mentioned in the weekly email, I think the ema8 on the SPY daily will be a big area to watch on any further pullback. For today my plan is to remain focused on shorter time frame trades and to mostly focus on the weekly watch list and five minute control candle and Gap n Reverse setups. Here are just a few more names that I will be watching today:

ACRS is a biotech name that has some data due in the 4th quarter, so this would be for a day trade only. I like this over $2 for a move to 2.20 or higher

CGC is one of many cannabis names that look ready for a bounce here. I like this over 21.46 for a push up to $23 or higher

VKTX continues to show strength after its big earnings move. Ideally I would like this on a pullback and then move back up. I am looking for an entry around 7.60 for a test of the sma200 around $8 and possible breakout higher

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