Peter's Watch List November 21st

Good Morning,

We finally saw a pretty hard test of the ema8 on the SPY daily yesterday, and for now it is holding up above that ema8. We are in an interesting time where the market is not quite sure what to think about the prospects of a trade deal. Yesterday we probably saw the most fear of a deal falling apart on a couple pieces of intraday news, but the market did recover late and rally back over that ema8. Last night we had more news in after hours that saw the market dip lower in after hours trading, but again so far we have recovered from that. It seems like we are at an important decision point here on whether or not the market is ready for a rest here, and I will patiently see how that plays out. At the moment it looks like we will have a flat open, and I will be patient to let the market settle in this morning. I will also be watching the VIX closely as it has a bullish looking TTM on the daily. Here are a few names that I will be watching today:

LXRX is in a TTM Squeeze on the daily with nice volume expansion as it regained its sma20. I like this over 4.03 for a move up to the mid $4s

DT is a recent issue that is setting up for a potential double top at $24. Ideally I'd be interested in a break of yesterday's high at 23.82 for a test of $24 where I would take a large trim and then see if it wants to push higher

DOMO has a nice moving average stack of the sma50, sma100, and sma200 and finally took out its sma50 yesterday. I like this over 18.16 for a push up to the mid to high $18s

CLDR made a strong move over its sma200 yesterday after a long consolidation period bit below it. I like this over 9.50 for a push up to $10

ZUO from our weekly watch list made a nice push up yesterday. Ideally I'd like to see a soft open and pick this up on a move over 15.50 for a test of yesterday's highs and possible push up to $16

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