Peter's Watch List November 22nd

Good Morning,

Yesterday we saw a third red candle in a row for the SPY and most of the major indices, and at the moment we are potentially looking at a red candle on the week. There is still quite a bit of conflicting sentiment out there, and it seems that the market is shifting back a bit to being more reactive to every little piece of trade news out there. Focusing on the SPY, we saw a second day where we spent a fair amount of time below the ema8 on the daily, and we actually closed pretty much right on the ema8. Any further testing of this will tell us a lot in terms of short term market direction. It is also worth noting that the VIX moved over its sma20 on the daily and has a bullish looking TTM Squeeze. I will continue to stay patient and short term focused until we see some clearer direction. Here a few names that I will be watching today:

LRN has a TTM Squeeze on the daily and is setting up for a 3/8/20 cross. I like this over 20.44 for a push up to $21 or higher

NET is a recent issue that finally took out its ema34 after multiple attempts. I like this over 17.50 for a push up to $18 or higher

GIL has worked its way over its sma20 and has successfully backtested it and looks ready for a move up to it ema34. I like this over 27.50 for a test of $28 and possible move higher

TWTR is a name that has folks divided right now, but it's in a TTM Squeeze on the daily and showing some signs of recovery. There is also some talk that it may be an acquisition target. I like this over 30 for a test of yesterday's highs and possible move higher

PZZA pulled of its recent highs and tested and held the sma20. I like this over $62 for a move up to the recent highs around 63.50

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