Peter's Watch List November 4th

Good Morning,

We already talked about the market in the weekly watch list email, but we are pointing towards a pretty strong gap up open this morning. This is probably my least favorite type of open (unless of course I'm in swing positions that benefit from it), and I will aas always be patient and let the market digest this open for the first 20-30 minutes before entering any new positions. Here are a few names that I will be watching in addition to the weekly watch list names:

SRPT was a high flying bio that really pulled hard this summer and is finally showing some signs of a reversal into their earnings report later this week. I like this over 88.68 for a move to $90 or higher

MEET is a small cap that can be a bit volatile, but it sure has a nice flag and a TTM Squeeze with nice volume coming in. I like this over 4.57 for a push up to $5

WST is in a nice TTM Squeeze after gapping up and pulling back on earnings last week. It has no moved past the earnings day high and looks ready to test recent highs from early September. I like this over 146.67 for a test of $150

SQ has been beat up the last few months and looks like it may be ready to bounce into earnings on Wednesday afternoon. I like this over 62.81 for a move to $64 or higher

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