Peter's Watch List November 5th

Good Morning,

The market continued to make new all time highs yesterday and has been quite resilient, however, it is worth noting that after gapping up to highs early in the session it largely traded sideways the rest of the day. We are looking at another potential gap up this morning on news of further developments in US China trade, but we are definitely in a tough area as far as just continuing up. It will be very important to see how the market digests the next significant pullback. For now I will continue to be patient and focused on shorter time frame trade setups. Here are a few names that I will be watching today:

YRCW is one of many transport stocks that have seen some recovery lately. It made a big move on heavy volume yesterday, and I like it for continuation on a move over 4.34 for a push up to the mid to high $4s

MAXR keeps running into resistance around $10, but on this trip up there has been very nice volume, and it looks ready to maybe take out that resistance. I like this from $10 to 10.20 for a push up towards the gab above around $11

CREE gapped down on earnings last week and buyers aggressively bough it up. It is now moving over the earnings day high in a TTM Squeeze. I like this over 49.44 for a test of $50 and possible move higher

SINA has earnings next week, and it looks ready to make a run into that in a TTM Squeeze. I like this over 43.70 for a push up to $45 or higher

EA is in a TTM Squeeze on the daily and is another name where a soft open on earnings got bought up. I like this over 98.50 for a push up to test the $100 level

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