Peter's Watch List October 10th

Good Morning,

We are trading in some crazy times here. The market was a bit all over the place yesterday in the regular trading session, and the market seemed a bit eager for any sort of good news. In after hours we were hit with bad news from the South China Morning Post, who reported that the Chinese trade delegation would be leaving early. This led to a lot of volatility and a pretty severe pullback in after hours trading. Since then there have been conflicting reports about whether the Chinese delegation will leave early or not. Overall, this puts me in a very cautious mindset today as wee could see wild swings on any little piece of news or rumor. Here are a few names that I will be watching today:

ROKU made a strong move yesterday and managed to close a little above its sma20. I like this over yesterday's high of 118.22 for a push up to the $120s

UEC had been in a nice basing pattern for a while, and it made a nice high volume move over the $1 level yesterday. I like this over 1.07 for a test of 1.10 and possible push higher

ALGN is another name in a long basing pattern and a very long TTM Squeeze. I like this over $191 for a possible push up to $193 or higher

FRAN has been on watch for a few days this week. I still like this over the 15.25 area for a push up to the $16s. Keep in mind this name can be very volatile so I will position size accordingly if this sets up.

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