Peter's Watch List October 1st

Good Morning,

Yesterday the major indices mostly had some recovery and for the most part gave us inside days. The notable exception was the IWM which looked extremely weak yesterday with a doji that was barely green on the day. The VIX eased a bit, but it is still somewhat elevated. This morning the major indices are gapping up a bit as I type here at 5:25 AM, and we will see if this holds up into the open. I think a big spot to watch again today will be the ema8 on the SPY to see if price action is able to move above it after being rejected there yesterday. Here are some names that I will be watching today:

JE is a name that made a high volume move over its sma50 yesterday before stalling out a bit at the 2.50 level. I like this over 2.45 for a test of yesterday's high of 2.52 and possible push higher into the gap above

WORK is a beat up recent IPO that had some unusual call activity last week and is showing signs of a bounce. I like this over $24 for a test of yesterday's high of 24.41 and possible push up towards $25

ZUMZ has consolidated back to its sma20 after a gap up in early September and got a nice push off the sma20 yesterday on decent volume. I like this over 31.81 for a push up towards $33

BIG is in a potential reversal pattern on the daily and just saw a light blue TTM bar in a Squeeze. I like this over 24.63 for a push up to $25 or higher

CRCM is a very similar setup to BIG. I liek this obe over 10.53 for move up towards $11

PGTI had a nice push off its sma20 on high volume yesterday. I like this over 17.37 for a move up towards the $18 level

SQ is in a TTM Squeeze and is trying to reverse off of recent low. Its stalling at the ema34 on the daily around $62, and I like it over that level for a move to $63 or higher

AFYA is from our weekly watch list and was showing some signs of life yesterday in the afternoon. Ideally I'd like this to open down slightly and pick it up on a move over 25.50

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