Peter's Watch List October 24th

Good Morning,

The market continues to drift sideways here without really showing any strength or weakness. It looks like we will have a bit of a gap up this morning as I type here at around 7:40 AM Eastern. I still think it is a time to be patient and focus on short term trades until we get some better direction. Today I will mostly be focused on five minute control candle and GnR setups with these names and possibly more: ALGN, BAX, MMM, EBAY, MSFT, TWTR, TSLA, TAL. and AMAT. I will also be watching the following names:

BERY is in a nice reversal pattern with nice expanding volume. I like this over 41.50 for a push up to $42 and possibly higher

TRIP is in a TTM Squeeze on the daily and recently moved over its sma20 and sma50. I liek this over $40 for a push up to $41 or higher

FIT is a name that we have been watching for a week now, and I like this ideally on a pullback to the 4.45 area, but I would also be interested on a high volume move over 4.53 for a push up towards the sma200 at 4.82

DBI is in a TTM squeeze on the daily and finally was able to move over its sma100 yesterday. I like this over 17.63 for a move up to $18 or higher

DUK is one of many utilities I saw in my scans that hit a recent high, retraced and is now moving back up over its sma20. I like this over 96.18 for a push up to $98 or higher

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