Peter's Watch List October 25th

Good Morning,

It seems that we have a market that is just not giving us much in the way of movement right now. In all likelihood, this is due to the upcoming FOMC meeting next week. It seems like the market is not going to give us much until we see what happens with the Fed rate decision. Yesterday we had a gap up and slight fade day for the SPY, and this morning it looks like we may have a flat open as I type here at 6:30 AM Eastern. Here are a few names that I will be watching today:

EGHT is bouncing after a pretty big selloff and closed over its sma20 yesterday. I like this over 19.92 to $20 area for a push into the mid to high $20s

SAND is one of a couple gold names that I will be watching if gold continues to move today. It has a TTM Squeeze on the daily and took out a number of moving averages yesterday. I like this over 6.04 for a move to the 6.25 area or higher

CRCM is getting some recover after a mostly rough year for the stock. I like this over 11.23 for a push to the mid to high $11s

NEM is another gold name that looks interesting today. It has a nice TTM Squeeze and moved over its sma50 yesterday. I like this over 39.20 to 39.27 for a move up to $40 or higher

VRNT has been bottoming nicely in a sideways pattern in a TTM Squeeze. I like this over $44 for a move to the high $44s

DBX is in a nice TTM Squeeze and also in a reversal pattern that stalled and pulled back to a Fib level and now looks ready to continue back up. I like this over 19.57 for a push up to $20 or higher

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