Peter's Watch List October 31st

Happy Halloween!

We had the much awaited FOMC announcement yesterday and after a little pullback ended up pushing up to a new all time high. This morning we have some new out of China stating that they doubt that a long term trade deal is possible with the US. The market is actually digesting this pretty well so far, but I think our plan of being patient with a FOMC rate decision at an all time high for the market is still valid for today. Hopefully with the FOMC decision out of the way we will see some better day trade opportunities today. Here are some names that i will be watching:

GSX is from our weekly watch list and has already made a great move but looks ready for a possible continuation higher. I like this over $17 for a test of its all time highs around 17.50

HCAT is a recent issue that made a nice reversal and looks ready to continue higher. I like this over 32.30 for a push up to $33 or higher

NG is a gold name that made a nice high volume move yesterday off of its sma50. I like this over 7.15 for a move up to the mid $7s

GMED has earnings next week and is in a nice TTM Squeeze on the daily. I like this over $52 for a push up to $53 or higher

INVA is in a nice reversal pattern and finally pulled away from its sma50 yesterday. I like this over 11.22 for a push up to the mid to high $11s

XRAY has earnings next week and looks ready to make a move up into that. I like this over 55.36 for a push up to $56 or higher

SNAP had a 3/8/20 cross confirm yesterday and looks set for a move up towards a gap in the mid $15s. For entry I would ideally like a soft open and pick this up around 14.75 to 14.80 but would also be interested in a high volume move over $15

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