Peter's Watch List October 3rd

Good Morning,

We had a gap down and go down day on the major indices yesterday, and hopefully no one was caught by surprise especially if you have been coming to our premarket chats. As I type this morning at around 7 AM we are looking at a modest gap down in the indices but that could easily change by 9:30. I will be keeping a very open mind today and will give he open lots of time to settle in. Although I think the path of least resistance is still down, I would not be surprised to see a little relief rally today or tomorrow. Here are some names that I will be watching today:

RESN had a big move on very heavy volume yesterday. If this wants to continue today, I like it over 3.26 for a move to 3.50 or higher

AIMT is a bit of a story stock. It had a small pop on a positive FDA Ad Com vote last month and has been selling off since until an upgrade yesterday. I think this stock is very undervalued and will be watching for a move back over $23 today for a hod test and possible move higher

KDMN had a big move on very heavy volume yesterday and I will be looking for continuation over 2.80 for a test of $3 and possible move higher

WORK is a very beat up recent IPO, but they actually have much better fundamentals than most of the recent IPOs that are struggling. There was some unusual call activity last week, and I like this one over 23.50 for a test of $24 and possible much bigger move

FIZZ was on watch yesterday, but it was tough to go long in yesterday's market conditions. I still like this one today and will be looking for a move over 46.50 for entry

MTCH is a name that I will be watching for a short setup today. Ideally I'd like to see it push up towards the ema8 on the daily and get short on a rejection at that level. If it doesn't push up at all I'm also not opposed to getting short on a break of $72

SCHW I will be watching for a story stock options play. This is down on them going to zero commission trading, but they are much better positioned than the other online brokerages to do this with minimal impact to their revenue. The selloff to me is very overdone. I like this either on a gap down and then red to green move or on a break over $37 which was a key resistance level yesterday

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