Peter's Watch List September 11th

Good Morning,

We had quite a mixed day yesterday on the market with some indices up, some relatively flat, and some down. Most interesting to me was the strength that the IWM showed yesterday as well as what looks like some rotation out of strong large cap tech names and into weaker, beaten down sectors. With this shift, my focus today will be on small and mid cap names that are beaten down and looking ready for a reversal. I am not going to put detailed notes on each name today since the setups are all the same. These are all names that put in the beginning of a reversal move yesterday and look ready for continuation over yesterday's high of day"

PBYI I like over 12.51 for a move to 13 or higher

GLYC I like over 4.23 for a move to 4.50 or higher

CLVS I like over $6 for a move to 6.50 or higher

CVET I like over $15 for a move to the mid to high $15s

VRS I like over 11.26 for a move to the high $11s

SAVE I like over $38 for a move to $40

UBER I like over 33.75 for a move to $35 or higher

BERY I like over 39.67 for a move to $41 area

AGS I like over 10.71 for a test of $11 and possible move higher

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