Peter's Watch List September 12th

Good Morning,

The market just pushed up in a slow grind all day yesterday, and then we got some news in after hours that some of the tariffs scheduled to be increased in October will be delayed by two weeks out of respect for China's October 1st celebration. The futures got a little crazy on this news but have since come in quite a bit. This morning we are looking at a gap up for all of the major indices, but not nearly to the levels that the futures hit last night. We are also extremely close to all time highs on some of the indices and likely into an area of pretty strong resistance. Overall I will be pretty cautious here until I see how the market reacts at the highs. Here are some names that I will be watching today:

FSLY is a pretty volatile recent IPO name that pulled to its sma20 and got a nice bounce. There are lots of shorts in this name and it can make some strong moves very quickly. I like this over $33 for a test of yesterday's high and possibly all time highs.

TYME is a name we were considering for an overnight swing. I like this over 1.58 for a move to 1.75 or higher

PS is a nice reversal setup with a TTM Squeeze on the daily. I like this over 17.04 for a move towards $18

VIAV is a name that saw a lot of call sweeps yesterday and made a nice double top around $15. I like this over $15 for a push up to 15.50 or higher

CRCM is a very beaten down name that just regained its sma50 and is in a TTM Squeeze on the daily. I like this over 10.54 for a move to $11

TWOU is in a nice reversal pattern with expanding volume on the daily. I like this over 19.53 for a move up to $20

NEWR is a great looking reversal setup with a TTM Squeeze on the daily. I like this over 60.86 for a move to $62 or higher

TPIC is another reversal setup with TTM Squeeze on the daily. m I liek this over 17.80 for a $18 test and possible move to the mid $18s

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