Peter's Watch List September 20th

Good Morning,

We have had a week of largely slow, sideways action on the market, which is not unusual on a FOMC week where we are sitting right around all time highs. Today we have quite a bit going on that will affect individual stocks and the indices. It is Quad Withing today, which always makes for some choppy, range bound action. In addition the SPY went ex-dividend today, and both the SPY and the IWM have rebalancing today, which always makes for some crazy late afternoon action. Yesterday there was an unusually high level of dark pool SPY prints at the 301.09 level, which suggests to me that a bigger move in the markets is coming soon. The big question is which way do we go? I think the big thing to watch will be do we close at or near all time highs or do we close below 300 on the SPY. I think this might give us a clue on our direction. Here are some names that I will be watching today:

TTS made a strong move off of its sma20 and over its sma50 yesterday. If this wants to continue over yesterday's high of 3.03 I like it for a move to 3.30 or higher

CVGI tested the $8 level yesterday and pulled off of it a bit. I like this over $8 for a move to 8.50 or higher

PCG has a nice 3.8.20 cross with a TTM Squeeze on the daily. I like this over 12.42 for a push up towards $13

ALGN had been in a long basing pattern and a nice TTM Squeeze on the daily. I like this over 180.89 for a move up to $183 or higher

FTDR gapped up on earnings last month and has been consolidating since then. It had a recent 3/8/20 cross and looks ready to test its recent highs and possibly breakout. I like this over 52.79 for a move to $54 or higher

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