Peter's Watch List September 30th

Good Morning,

As I mentioned in the weekly watch list email, the market is showing some potential signs of weakness here as we pull off of resistance at all time highs. The SPY and the QQQ both have a clean 3/8/20 cross down, and we will have to see if the pullback continues here today. In the premarket it looks like we have a bit of a gap up, and the big questions will be do we see a gap up and fade all day setup like we had on Friday. As far as a watch list today, I will just be going with the weekly watch list for today since I did not see a lot of great setups beyond the small group we have on the weekly list. I will also be watching for five minute control candle and GnR setups. If we see further pullback today, I may send out an update later today with some short setups to watch.

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