Peter's Watch List September 6th

Good Morning,

So we had a strong move up for the market yesterday taking us up over that 294 resistance area for the SPY that has been keeping us range bound. The big question now is where do we go from here? All time highs are not that far above, and there is a question of what happens if there is a pull back to fill the gap. Tough call in my opinion, and the market is likely to get moved a bit today by the jobs numbers at 8:30 AM Eastern and Fed Chair Powell's speech at 12:30 PM Eastern. I will continue with a patient approach with a focus on short term trades. Here are a few names that I will be watching today:

TEN is in a nice bottom reversal pattern with strong volume yesterday. I like this over 10/38 for a move up towards $11

BGG is in a bottom bounce pattern that could continue nicely if it can take out the sma20. I like it over 5.50 for a move up to $6

KPTI is one I've been watching for a long time. It is in a long TTM Squeeze and one of these times it takes a run at 9.50 it should give a nice breakout to $10 or higher

AAWW is another bottom bounce type setup that I like over 27.50 for a move up to $28 or higher

RH is in a TTM Squeeze on the daily and nicely holding its sma20 after pulling off of recent highs. I like this over 145 for a push up to $147 or higher

CYTK is in a beautiful ascending triangle with a TTM Squeeze on the daily. I liek this over 14.42 for a push up to $15 or higher

PRU is another reversal setup that is setting up for a 3/8/20 cross on the daily. I like this over 82.62 for a move to $84 or higher

FISV is another ascending triangle type setup wth a nice TTM Squeeze on the daily. I like this over 108/80 for a move to $110 or higher

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