Watch List April 16th

Good Morning,

Yesterday we saw the market gap up and just keep pushing to all time highs and continued easing in the VIX. This morning we are looking at a moderate gap up for all of the major indices and a moderate gap down for the VIX. What is notable as we keep making new all time highs is that participation from individual names has been very limited, and in particular momentum names have not been participating at all. It will be important to see if the indices take a much needed breather and it some of the beat up momentum names can finally catch a bid in the coming days. Today is monthly opex day, which is always a very challenging day to trade, so I am likely to be pretty quiet today. My plan for today is quicker day trades early and to possibly shop for some bargain swing entries in the late afternoon if they are there. I will mostly focus on the weekly watch list as well as a few other names:

AAPL I am interests in an opex driven pull to the $132 to $133 for a swing entry heading into their product event next week and earnings the following week

BA I am interested in an opex driven pull to the $245 area for a swing entry for a run up into earnings on the 28th of this month

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