Watch List April 22nd

Good Morning,

The market is giving a pretty strong gap up here in the premarket and looks to open up almost 2% from yesterday's oil driven weakness. I am keeping an open mind here and letting the open settle in before taking any new trades, and I will be watching to see if we find some resistance for a possible reversal back down or support for continued move up. I have a watch list of some long and short setups so that I am ready either way:

FL is probably my favorite long setup for today. It's building a very nice base of anchored volume by price for a potential move up. I like this over $23 for a move up to $24 to $25

SDC is another nice long setup that I like over $5 for a move up to 5.50 or higher

FDX I like short if the market finds resistance and FDX loses a key anchored vwap level around 121

GILD is gapping up in the premarket and I like this short on a break of $80 for a test of the daily ema8 around $78

WYND I like on a weak gap up open that goes green to red for a short down to $20 or lower

BA I like as a potential short if it gets rejected at its daily sma20 on a gap up this morning

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