Watch List April 9th

Good Morning,

The market showed continued strength yesterday and we are looking at a moderate gap up this morning in the SPY with a stronger gap up in the IWM and a moderate gap down for the QQQ. Overall the market action remains bullish but with the constant threat of a pullback off of all time highs for the SPY. The VIX also continues to ease although it's important to note that it has a bullish looking TTM Squeeze on the daily and could be setting up for a relief bounce if nothing more. Overall we remain long biased with some caution that will be exercised through smaller position sizes. Here are some names that we will be watching today:

APPS has been consolidating along its sma20 and vwap anchored to the gap up day in February with a TTM Squeeze. I like this on a pullback to that anchored vwap level around $81 for a push up to $100 or higher

BIGC is a nice reversal pattern in a TTM Squeeze. This already gave a 3/8/20 cross up and is consolidating along the ema34. I like this on a pullback to the ema8 for a push up to $65 or higher

FIVN is setting up in a nice W pattern with a TTM Squeeze on the daily. I like thus on a pullback to $170 for a push up to $190 or higher

FLEX is another name with a W pattern and a TTM Squeeze that is taking out vwap anchored to the January highs. I like this on a back test of that vwap at 18.20 for a push up to $20 or higher

ISBC has a beautiful daily flag with a TTM Squeeze and is on the verge of a huge multiyear breakout on the weekly chart. I like this on a pullback to the daily sma20 for a test of the highs in the mid $15s and possible bigger breakout

GE I am still watching from yesterday's watch list

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