Watch List August 20th

Good Morning,

Welcome to August opex day. Outside of the S&P rebalance opex days, this is probably the worst trading day of the year in our opinion. We get a combination of very low volume for most issues most of the day and unusual volume in a few names with opex related moves. Overall it is a day with very little in the way of normal, healthy price action, and with that there will not be a watch list today. This morning we will focus on day trade opportunities early, and in the afternoon we will be closing the screen share at 1 PM Eastern. As far as the overall market, it will be an important day to watch for a few things. Yesterday we saw the SPY gap down and find support before closing green on the day. There was quite a bit of selling pressure early, but we found support above the daily sma50 and a key support trendline. This morning we are looking at another gap down open, and it will be important to see if we hold any or all of the following: the daily ema34, yesterday's low of day, and the daily sma50. I will also be keeping a close eye on the VIX today to see if it wants to test resistance at the $25 area above or test potential support at the $20 level below. A break of either of these levels would tell us a lot about what to expect in the coming days and weeks.

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