Watch List December 30th

Good Morning,

Yesterday we saw the market gap up to all time highs and then fade most of the day, but the SPY held some key support levels and is pointing towards a moderate gap up this morning. Overall we remain in an uptrend near all time highs which will have us long biased but managing risk through smaller position size. We will also continue to keep a close eye on the VIX which has had some small spikes but nothing super concerning yet. As a reminder to all, the market will be closed on Friday and we will likely see very low volume the rest of the week. Here are a few names that we will be watching today:

LAZR is a name from yesterday's list that is still in a great pattern. I am interested in any pullback closer to the sma20 for a swing trade

PTON almost closed its gap yesterday an found support and rallied late to close over its ema8. I'm interested in a swing starter on a test and hold of the ema8 or $150 level for a push up to the recent highs

GP is another name from yesterday's list and it gave a high range inside day yesterday and is setting up a cup and handle. I would be interested in a move over 26.50 for a push up to $32 or higher

VLRS in in a TTM Squeeze after pulling back to its sma20 from recent highs. I like this on a pullback an hold of that sma20 around 11.40 for a push up to the recent highs in the mid $13s

TIGR made a big move last week and is now setting up for a continuation. I like this on a soft open that goes red to green for a swing entry for a push up to $9 or higher

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