Watch List December 8th

Good Morning,

Yesterday the market was flat to slightly down and the SPY gave us a textbook tight range doji candle on the daily. This is pretty typical at all time highs and one of the reasons we like to keep position size relatively small when we are sitting right on all time high resistance. This morning we are looking at a gap down for all of the major indices and a gap up for the VIX, and nothing has really changed for us as far as seeing the intermediate trend as up but keeping position size small to manage risk of a pullback from all time highs. Yesterday we took some partial profits in AAPL calls and also started a new position in FUTU which is gapping up nicely this morning. We will continue to look for A+ setups like these and take shots in smaller position size. Here are a few names that I will be watching today:

MSFT off of the weekly watch list is very interesting here as it continues to build energy in a TTM Squeeze. I'm very interested in a swing entry if the market finds some footing this morning on the gap down

NMIH is another name I like from the weekly watch list if it tests and holds the $23 level

HBI is another name I like off of the weekly watch list if it can reclaim $14 with volume

F gapped up on November 24th and is consolidating nicely on vwap anchored to that gap up. I like this on a pullback and hold of the $9 level for a swing entry for an eventual push up to $10

ZS gapped up on earnings last week and is consolidating on vwap anchored to that earnings gap. I like this on an entry as close to that vwap as possible around $177

VLDR I have on side watch as a sympathy play to LAZR but it looks like it is gapping up and away this morning already

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