Watch List February 9th

Good Morning,

Yesterday we saw the market gap up and chop sideways all day until it rallied hard into the close for another new all time high. This morning we are getting a moderate gap down, which I think is a good thing and may hopefully set up some better trade opportunities as opposed to the constant gap up opens. The VIX was also up a bit yesterday and is pointing towards a moderate gap up open today , and this is something that I will be keeping a close eye on today. Yesterday I took overnight swing trades in KIQ and RBBN. KIQ is already closed out for a fantastic win, and RBBN is not doing much in the premarket and will likely get taken off right at the open or even before it it doesn't show some signs of life. Here are some names that I will be watching today:

SFIX I like off of the weekly watch list if it can continue to hold the $80 level and start pushing up off of that

INFN I also like off of the weekly watch list on a pullback to the sma20 at 9.75 or would also consider it if it tested $10 hard from above and held

HYLN is a beat up EV name that is building a nice base of anchored volume support around the $16 level with a long TTM Squeeze on the daily. I like this on an entry as close to $16 as possible for a push up to $20 or higher

CGEN is another name in a very long TTM Squeeze on the daily and is building a nice rounded bottom base. I like this on a pullback and hold of $13 for a push up to $15

WW made a strong move on volume in a TTM Squeeze on the daily yesterday. I like this on a pullback to a key anchored vwap level at $26 for a push up to 28.50 or higher

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