Watch List for April 9th

Good Morning,

The jobless claims numbers just came out, and despite being a little worse than expected, the market is liking the report and starting to go green after being pretty red in the premarket. Keep in mind that today is the last trading day of the week as the market is closed tomorrow, and I will be somewhat reluctant to take on any new trades into a 3 day weekend. I am seeing some decent chart setups here, but a lot will depend on them opening in the right direction to get the best risk/reward entry in this market:

SHAK is a name that I like to the long side on a soft open or a pullback. Ideally this would pullback to the $41 area and find support for a nice long setup, but I would also consider entry on a soft open and red to green move for a push up to the ema34 at 45.25

BA is a name that I could see going either way here, but I would be very interested long on a pullback and hold of the sma20 for a push back up to the recent highs

ZM is down on some negative news, and I think it could drop much lower. Ideally I'd like to see it push up and find resistance for the best risk to reward entry in puts. I will be watching the 119 to 120 area to act as resistance to enter a swing trade in puts.

AAPL has been showing a little relative weakness in this relief rally for the market, and I am interested in a trade to the short side if it finds resistance. I like AAPL short on a test of the ema34 that finds resistance

KL is a gold name that I like on a pullback to the $33 area for a long trade back up to the recent highs of around $36

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