Watch List July 10th

Good Morning,

We have had a mostly sideways market this week with less than $3 in range from Monday's open to yesterday's close. Bulls can take comfort in the fact that yesterday's dip eventually got bought, and bears can point to the fact that we havent been able to push any further into the gap above this week. Continued chop is still a very strong possibility here, which makes swing trading challenging. For the moment the SPY is in a bullish looking TTM Squeeze, but its hard to be too bullish here unless we can take out the island reversal from last month. For now we will continue to take selective shots in smaller size. Here are some names that I will be watching today:

MRNA was a name that we day traded in very successfully in chat yesterday, and I still like this for a swing. I would be interested today in a soft open that goes red to green for a swing

ON is still in a nice TTM Squeeze and is looking to breakout towards the gap above. I like this over $21 for a push up to $23 or higher

EXEL is in a TTM Squeeze and is taking out its sma50. I like this on a red to green move today or up to 24.50 for a push up to $27 or higher. This is a biotech that has some data due in the "second half of 2020" which is not ideal but is unlikely to come this early without any further guidance from the company

WORK is probably my favorite risk/reward stay at home name, and these names are getting some attention again. I like this from $34 to 34.25 for a push up into the large gap above

ROKU is a bit extended here, but showed a ton of strength yesterday. I like this on a soft open and red to green move for a test of $150 and push up to $160 or higher

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