Watch List July 15th

Good Morning,

Yesterday we saw a gap down in the SPY that found support before a slow grind sideways and up to give a near high of day close. This morning we are looking at a gap up that is putting us right back at a key resistance area near the June highs in the SPY. This will be a very important spot to watch today to see if the market has an appetite to make a higher high here. We are also seeing good news this morning from MRNA and AZN on vaccine development, and it will be interesting to see if this just gives a short term boost in the market or if it gives the market some lasting confidence. Here are some names that I will be watching today:

DVAX same plan as yesterday - look for a 9.20 break to get long for a move to 10

AGNC has a TTM Squeeze on the daily and is setting up for a 3/8/20 cross. I like this on a 13 break for a push up to the mid 14s

MCHP is in a nice TTM Squeeze and is building a shelf of anchored volume for a potential break higher here. I like this over $110 for a push up to $115 or higher

HDS is setting up for a 3/8/20 cross in a TTM Squeeze. I like this on a soft open and red to green move for a push up to $38 or higher

LULU is in a nice flag and is reclaiming anchored vwap from the recent highs. I like this in the $310 to $311 range for a push up to $320 or higher

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