Watch List June 10th

Good Morning,

Yesterday we had a small pullback in most of the major indices, and this morning in the premarket we have been both down moderately and up moderately, which is not terribly unusual on an FOMC day. As a reminder to all who are new, FOMC days tend not to be the best trading days - especially from about 11 until 2:30 when the presser starts. Also please remember that whatever FOMC move comes first, there is usually a counter move before the market finally picks a direction. Do not chase these quick initial moves, and be sire to let the market digest the presser in particular. Here are a few names that I will be watching today, but I'm not likely to enter any swings until late afternoon once the FOMC is out of the way:

PTON is a name that I like a lot still off of the weekly watch list. I would love to see just a small pullback here for entry as this is looking ready for a major breakout

PZZA is consolidating very nicely along its sma20 in a TTM Squeeze. I like this around $80 for an entry to test recent highs just over $84 for a possible break higher

BIG has pulled back to its sma20 and held and gave a nice push up off of it yesterday. I like this over $37 for a push up to $40 or higher

ATVI took a much needed rest but has made a nice double bottom in the pullback and held its sma50 perfectly. I like this over the sma20 right around $72 - a flat or soft open and a red to green move would be ideal

TLRY is consolidating nicely above $10 and below its sma100. I like this on a push up over 10.50 to take out that sma100 and break out over $11

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